Que la lumière soit ! Et la lumière fut... C'est quoi la formule magique pour l'ombre😉jai en besoin la🤔🤔🤔 Bon debut de semaine à vous.... #portrait #stylo #couleurs #artwork #sketchbook #light #colors #photography #ballpointpen #biro #wip

Dog-thing square number six! The food bowl! I made my pup wait to eat while I took reference pictures for this. Am I a monster?

I recently did a food-related project at my day job that always made me hungry and now I turn around and do a food-related personal project that always makes me hungry. 😛🍽 This is another process shot for this piece...final comin' at ya soon!

Hello, Kathy Anne Lim (@helloklim) here, taking over for the lovely Photoscratch team this week! The first project I'll be sharing is a recent series photographed in #Iceland. I decided to embark on this series as I had yet to work on a fully landscape led photography project, absorbed by the beauty of the place this series allowed me to dwell upon the mysteries of nature. Arriving in the tail end of winter; layers of the landscape unfold before us as melting snow unearths sleeping grass and forms glacial pools of sapphire. The lead image is that of Þingvallavatn lake in Iceland: The volcanic origin of the island is clearly visible through cracks and faults around it, the Almannagjá ravine (visable in the distance) is the largest - where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates drift apart.

Happy Monday! Heading back to these greens today! I will be working on my mural and have prints for sale at the @noforoastingco today in Southold. Come say hi 👋! xoxo

Laying down the base layers on this scorching hot Monday. Exploring intersections of memory and desires while playing with a limited palette- my grand dad’s farm from my childhood mixed with days spent in Taroudant in July and Fez in August and all the while wishing for swims in the sea to escape the heat. #wip #jamilahumeart #expressionismoilpaintings #interiordesign #interiorstyle #blues #morocco #landscapesfrommychildhood