Continued working on this beauty. This has become one of my current favorites. New ideas are in the works though! I’m loving the creative ongoing flow with this series! I haven’t felt this inspired in a long time and it feels so good.

“You’ll Find Me At The Water” I love to accompany the meaning behind my paintings when I display them at pop-up shops, art shows or businesses. This painting is inspired by a photo I took running alongside the Boise River at Barber Park. When the days are long and thoughts are piling up, I take a run. This one is to remind you there is so much beauty in the everyday. I hope you can make time to slow down and recognize it. Original and prints available. “You’ll Find Me At The Water” can be found on display at Resonance Natural Health. (1416 W Washington St, Boise) Come see it in person along with more of my originals and prints. They will be there through August.

The base of this heavily textured painting is a disassembled/smashed Playstation 2 controller. I once left this painting behind my house for a year, by accident, and had to clean a year's worth of grime off of it, which has permanently changed the look. Should have found a way to seal in the grime, bc it looked kind of cooler.

When in doubt, don't. Benjamin Franklin

Went through my studio yesterday to find a few damaged artworks this is one of them. Wonder if the rip is worth repairing

Literally... The best picture EVER up in the new house. @thrillhammer @anniepageo