I got a new home. And after being overwhelmed by the devils bullshit, and stressed out about my future. I still pray over my land, here, now. If you want to help pray that's cool to, I get that from my parents. This #BadChristian isn't worried about dying.....

Christianese has run rampant in the American church and has turned people off from spiritual words. Jonathan Merritt explains this phenomenon and is attempting to reimagine sacred words as an active use of language. Link in bio @badchristianpod @jonathan_merritt #badchristian #badchristianpodcast #spiritual #spirituality #bible

Well now I'm excited to do nothing, as long as it's in good company. With God at my side I don't mind if you make fun of me. (The Flex is real when we don't have to wonder how'd you get all that money) #BadChristian

“Dear Christian “bad girl”, 🤭 I see you. I know you. I am one of you. I’m also a Jesus-loving “bad girl”. I’ve done things many Christians would cringe at the thought of. I know the awkwardness you feel when you are around certain “church people”. It’s not that you don’t like them, or don’t want to be their friend, but somewhere in your mind you wonder what they’d think of you if they really knew you, and knew the path you’ve walked. You wonder what they would say if they knew your past, especially the dark parts. You wonder how wide their eyes would be if they knew how much your mouth resembled that of a sailor, or how much wine you drink... on week nights. Or how you think inappropriate jokes are hilarious. You try to imagine their response if you were vulnerable enough to share the thoughts that go through your mind. You wonder if they would question if you really love Jesus. I’ve been there too. But you do really love Jesus. So do I. Yet, I have committed just about every sin in the book. And I’ve hurt myself and a lot of other people along the way. But I DO still really love him. Here is the thing, Jesus loves us bad girls. He loves the heck out of us. And He doesn’t want us to hide either.. even the parts of us that are scary to share. It’s through our testimonies, that His goodness is seen. Your failures, your sin, they don’t change whether or not you have a purpose or if he can use you . He can, period. I think if Jesus were here right now he would give us a giant hug and say how happy He is to have us. He’d say we always have a place at the table with him, and that's exactly where He wants us. No lecture, no shaming, just love. So, so much love. Because to Him we aren’t bad girls at all, we are simply His beloved daughters. People who know the heart of Jesus and live it out will be there to extend that love and grace to you, no matter what you've done. So come as you are, rebel heart and all.💕Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling

I stay praying. I just need to read more. (Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him....) this isn't personal but it's not business this time, it's Godly. #BadChristian

@theunstoppablebadass and @devinitely wrote a book about songwriting, building a band, and other life lessons. If you want to hear from two “seasoned” dudes about their experiences in music, check this out! Link in bio @bcsupply . . . . ____________________________________________________________ #bcsupply #highquality #simpledonewell #bcwords #book #badchristianpodcast #badchristian #songrescue #rock #bicoastal #triedntrue #somethingsareworthit #quality #songwriting #music #dowhatyoulove #neverstop #doit

John 8:1-8 Weird, I am more Christian than this person and I identify as an atheist. #badchristian #fake #castthefirststone

Impromptu shoots are the best kind of shoots. #badchristian

BCxSTL 🤘🏻 went to Saint Louis, MO to meet up with my friends from The BadChristian Podcast. It’s an amazing thing to have friends that get where you’re at and love you for it. I’ll be posting more because you can’t post all the pictures you want in one post unless they’re all the same size 🙄 lol. Anyways.. I love these people 🖤 #badchristian #bcclub

Album of the week: Pacific Gold - Sing My Welcome Home. Seattle is a city that I want to visit someday. One of the biggest reasons why I wish to visit the Emerald City is for the vibrant music scene that exists in this metropolis in the Pacific Northwest. More specifically, in the world of Christian music, there have been a number of incredible bands who hail from this great city that have led the way in revamping the sound and idea of what Christian music is One of those bands that has caught my attention is a five-piece called Pacific Gold. Formerly known as Wayfarer, the quintet has gained notoriety for taking a bunch of lesser known hymns and revamping them with a distinct indie twist giving these songs a fresh new sound that is quite appealing and a joy to listen to. With Sing My Welcome Home, vibes of the 60s are present as Pacific Gold's sound mixes indie rock, psychedelic and folk music together creating an aural masterpiece. Listening to the record, I am reminded of bands such as Tame Impala, Father John Misty, Fleet Foxes and a tad of The Beach Boys in regards to vocal harmonies! Favorite tracks include A Day is Coming, Gone To The Grave, Song in the Air, Spirit of God, The Sands of Time, Once I Had a Glorious View and Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love! Perfect for listening to when driving through a dense forest or certain neighborhoods in LA like Silver Lake, Highand Park, Los Feliz, or Echo Park, this record has you covered! Definitely would be on my playlist of albums to listen to on my way to WhiteWater! Maybe I should make a playlist.... Anyways, give it a listen!! #PacificGold #SingMyWelcomeHome #IndieRock #Psychedelic #ChristianMusic #Indie #IndieMusic #BadChristian #IndieFolk #Seattle #PacificNorthwest #SeattleMusic #EmeraldCity #60sVibes #AlbumReview

My husband is here! And he brought me cider! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #cider #illnois #husband #badchristian #boothang @michae1pollock

Yesterday I caught on fire. All because I was determined, determined to not only finish what I was doing but finish what someone else started. I believe in a God, one who will make it all worth it in the end. #BadChristian (my inspiration is my competition, how cheesy)

Just downloaded the Castbox podcast player! Loading up on some great podcast! __ @castbox_fm @bunnyearspodcast @culkamania @cameltoad @joerogan @eiapodcast @mortifiedshow @criminal_podcast @amahnke @curiositiespod @lorepodcast @badchristianpod #podcast #bunnyearspodcast #thejoeroganexperience #eiapodcast #everythingisalivepodcast #criminal_podcast #curiositiespod #cabinetofcuriosities #lorepodcast #badchristian #pastorwithnoanswers

imagine a pastors sleeping with his church member at a hotel the devil you know is better that the angel you don't kown👌👌👌 AFRICAN UNITE NIGERIANS BE WISE ONE LOVE WITH BETTER STYLE #BADpastor #badchristian