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Truffle Brunette 🍫

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THIS 🙌🏻 Stephanie has been battling what we believe to be a thyroid imbalance, that has started to affect her hair pretty severely. • I introduced her to the NBR method, which would allow her hair to rest while at the same time completely loving and ENJOYING her hair at the stage it was in. • To see her just LIGHT UP after her NBR Extensions were installed made my whole week! • Click the link in my bio for more information on NBR Extensions.

Ahhhh this is my happy place 🌊☀️…. #nofilternecessary

Holy. Hair. 🔥😍


MINI LIL VIDEO ON HOW I USUALLY LIKE TO REMOVE PERMANENT COLOR! ‼️ I only like to do this on clients who have strong hair, are understanding that I have no control of how light or dark their hair lifts, are open to any color basically, are consistent with their toners, and understand that their hair IS GOING TO FADE QUICK BECAUSE OF THE PERMANENT COLOR THAT WAS PUT IN THEIR HAIR ‼️ if you guys want an in depth step by step process, and see the way I really get down with color corrections, click the link in my bio🙊

Another gorgeous client! 🔥

Rooty dimensional blonde balayage #vudo #vulayage #livedincurls on Kenzie ✂️🎨 By ME