If you need me I’ll be spending this Sunday sipping on this new summer cocktail the Strawberry Fields Forever 🍓🍃Tru vodka, fresh squeezed citrus, homemade strawberry purée, sparkling water, fresh basil and fresh strawberries.

Happy Birthday Mom! A delicious dinner and yummy Birthday Cake! Glad we all got together for a birthday dinner. #birthday #birthdaycake #bettolinokitchen

Hip hip hurray, It’s @dinela 🍾🎉 For the next two weeks we will be serving a discounted 3 course meal for dinner and 2 course for lunch! Make a reservation because these days are popular!

If anyone asks, I’m drinking all this wine to collect corks for a Pinterest project 🤫 Half off all wine by the bottle tonight! Come help me out 🍷🍷🍷

友人のアメリカ滞在最後のディナー。 最初の頃行ったビーチからの帰り道で見掛けた良さそ気なイタリアンレストランへ行ってみました。これが大当たり!素敵な晩餐になりました。 新しいレストランで内装も素敵、お料理も美味しい。デザートのチーズケーキはクリームチーズでなくリコッタチーズを使ってて…甘さ控え目ワインに合う♪ 7.11.18 #dinnerlastnight #outing #eatout #italianrestaurant #bettolinokitchen #yummy #funtime #lastdinner #withbestie #foodpic #foodoftheday #instafoodie #enjoylife #happytime #californialife #夕ごはん #おそとごはん #イタリアン #イタリア料理 #美味しい時間 #楽しい時間 #暮らしを楽しむ #ちいさな幸せ #カリフォルニアライフ

I’m just a girl standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a donut 🍩>🥗 But if I have to eat a salad, I choose this one 😋☝🏻

Pro tip: to keep our semifredo from melting, eat it as fast as you can. ☀️😋

☮️ Peace ❤️ Love 🥑 & Avocado #lunchspecials

If it’s 83 degrees in Redondo Beach, you know this heat wave isn’t messing around. Drink this refreshing Lavender Rosemary soda to cool you off. ❄️☀️

Today I will be as useless as the G in Lasagna #friday

4th of July is for beers and BBQ’s 🇺🇸 but the 5th of July is for wine and pasta. Come in tonight for Half Off Bottle night 🍾to help celebrate!

Check out the ricotta cheese with local honey and chopped rosemary from @bettolinokitchen's #dineLA lunch and dinner menu from July 13th - 27th! Go to to make your resos! #bettolinokitchen #redondobeach | RG 📸: @dag_1968

Lift some kid’s spirits just by lifting your fork. When you dine with us today and every Tuesday in July, we’ll split our profits with the Peninsula Committee Children’s Hospital. 💙

💑Date night comes with 1 starter, 2 entrees and a mini cheesecake all for $50! Served every Monday from 5 to close.