Today is my sister Marianna’s Name Day!! I love her so much so that’s why I’m biting her!🤣🎉😉⛪️💝🐶❤️👱🏻‍♀️💐 #teddy #celebrating #teddybeardog #bulldogfamily #englishbulldogs #bulldogsofinstagram #bulldog #bulldoglove #bulldogdays #bulldoglife #bulldogpuppy #bulldogs #lovemybully #englishbulldogpuppy

🎥 Ready for my Close-up 🌟

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Masters first day on the new job today. I got dressed up for it too but unfortunately he left me at home. I am professional and would’ve excelled. Sigh. 🐶👨🏼‍💼

Do you use your pup as a human vacuum? Don’t worry, you and almost everyone else are guilty of this. If you’re thinking, “Well I avoid the obvious chocolate, grapes, caffeine and alcohol,” there’s still a few you’re missing on that ‘not for puppy list’. . Chocolate.  The darker the chocolate the more severe the illness can be. Grapes and Raisins.  Although they may be tasty, they are highly toxic to dogs and can cause severe kidney damage or even failure. Xylitol. This artificial sweetener is found in a multitude of candies, gum, baked items and many diet foods. Xylitol could cause your dog’s blood sugar drop and may result in liver failure. 🍭🍬 Avocado. This large fruit contains something called persin. Too much of this and you’ll likely find your pup sick with symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea. 🥑 Onions and Garlic. Both of these ingredients are known for killing the red blood cells and causing anemia in dogs. Raw, cooked, powered or dehydrates – doesn’t matter – in large doses it can lead to poisoning. ❌ Raw Meat, Fish, Fat Trimmings and Bones. Cooked and uncooked fats can be dangerous to certain dogs and can trigger pancreatitis in dogs. Pieces of bones can cut or block the digestive system. Raw meats can be responsible for food poisoning, and fish carry parasites that can be fatal to dogs. 🥩🍗 Salty Treats. These foods will dehydrate your pup and cause them to urinate frequently. Not only are you at risk for indoor ‘accidents’ but your dog may suffer from sodium ion poisoning. 🥨