Day 2 of #Summersolsticeflow yoga challenge. I am a day behind...another one coming later. Our 2nd pose is a #anjaneyasana or #lowlunge . Listening to my body and responding with the appropriate measures are now key components of my day, as I rebuild my life. Choices. There are many moment to moment and I want to show-up to decide where my next step may fall. If my energy drops, I see that it is a slippery slope for confusion, anxiety and other low feelings to flood in...The steps to bad habits could begin here through escapism. I will recognize to maintain this new energy #mindfulness practice in this upcoming solstice. #choices #everydayisnew #fly #warrioress #awaken #movinonup #beyourownbestfriend #ethereal Thank you to the awesone hosts! @_clarityoga_ @faithfoxmama @yogini_444 . ☀️ Thank you to the amazing sponsors! @malaswithamission @pricklypearmalas @panaprium (use : SOLSTICE for 15% off until July 31st) @vibratehigherofficial @y.o.u.p.i @mamakuka . .

Life is what you make it, they say. You’ve got to believe them. The possibilities of the future rest solely on your hands. Choices. Make a good one today. 😉 #choices #instadaily #instagood #begood #decisions #random #corporate #corporateblues #itsmorefuninthephilippines #steel #roll #rolling #followme #hitme #roller #wheels #drive #tuesday #asian

Starting the week with a cellular cleanse ✔️more energy ✔️better sleep 😴 ✔️clean out the brain fog ✔️lbs gone ✔️feeling Fabulous Why wouldn’t I choose interment fasting with all these benefits 💥 Happy Monday make the most of it, hope you made wise choices as today is what sets you up for success or failure #motivationmonday #cellularcleansing #cleanseforlife #healthyandhappy #healthylifestyle #mindset #choices #healthychoices #notadiet #intermittentfasting #feelingfabulous #health #isaforlife #nutrition #fitnessjourney #mytransformation #transformyourbody #lifestyle #livingoutloud

Tap Into Vitality and DESIGN the life you want to live. Continue to be determined not to settle for results from other people’s choices if they don’t align with your vision! #dontsettle #determination #choices #vitality #tapintovitality #thewayofthechampion #champion #lifebydesign #lifegoals #success #confidence #healthyliving #smart

~ Haha~ I see my beautiful eye candyyyy 😂‼️😍, no seriously though!!!~ I hope they make another ROE or at least see the family in TRR (even a default one if not completed). Comment on Choices recent post if you want ROE back or a spin off of the two! ANYWHO LEAAA HEY BAEEE LONG TIME NO SEE ;)))))😍😍‼️ I’m shook sisters. @choicesgame Tags: #rulesofengagement #choices #choicesgame #leo #princeliam #princeleo #l4l #followforfollow #eyecandy #europeanguy #yes #ilovethisgame #game

Happy Chooseday...I choose to keep walking...One of my forever favorite bible verses. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Isaiah‬ ‭40:31‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ “But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” #chooseday #choices ‭‭

Sorry I went a little to screen shot happy and then couldn't decide what to delete so I just put them all in layouts so there was only 8 photos also I only have a couple chapters left before I finish HSS3 so I'm going to be posting a lot of screen shots from it * * * ( #choicesgame #choices #hss )

An old piece with a new facelift 💕.

E M B R A C E the crooked path: Last week Friday at PlantLab I presented my finals project; a 3-course menu that revolved around the single ingredient known as PLUOTS (plum + apricot = pluot) I was inspired by them whilst at the farmers market. I decided to execute my main dish: Chilled Avocado Gazpacho with Pluot Pico De Gallo and my dessert dish: a Pluot Tart with Meyer Lemon Creme + a Pistachio Crust. I was 3 points shy of a perfect score on my final project but hey - perfection is overrated these days anyway right 😉. Needless to say, I passed the Level 1 Raw Cuisine course at PlantLab and received my official certificate. 🎉 Fast forward to today, and Anna should have begun her first day of Level 2 Raw Cuisine at PlantLab, however...if you've known me for quite awhile or are just tuning in - I tend to veer off my initial set path quite frequently and do so with purposeful intention. If there's anything I've been practicing over and over again in these last few recent years of my young life, it's been learning when to let go, change course, trust my gut - my intuition, and not allow fear to steer my path. Often times when we invest a lot of our time, our money, and our emotions into something (or someone) it becomes harder and harder to abandon it - that's called the "sunk cost" fallacy (Google it! It's a thing!) - I try really really hard not to allow this to dictate my choices, but it certainly isn't easy. I've found that you just have to keep practicing doing the small but hard micro-moments in every day that when piled together create incredible change! In this case, it means choosing not to continue with PlantLab at this time and steering down a path more crooked than straight looking. And as terrifying as that can seem, I know I'm doing the right thing for me right now. And you can't beat that feeling. Stay tuned for what's to come!!! ✨🙏🏼🌱☺️