Very pretty girl.🌹

repost cause i like this pic

Get your ass in my bed! Baby you'll be just my summer boyfriend. Let's get lost you can take me home. Somewhere nice we can be alone. Bikini tops, coming off. Don't be sad when the sun goes down. You'll wake up and I'm not around Ive got to go. And we'll still have the summer after all😎👙 #emo #goth #scene #selfie #girls #curves #curvy #curvywomen

I am thinking about you. I am wondering what love is. I am wondering if I've made the right choices. Should I have kissed your face? Will we ever make love? Are we good for each other? I am thinking about you. I am thinking about love. - #IamNotaRomantic #inmyhead #petitepoems - On your screen: Peaches and Petite hanging out in the beach. ✨✨✨

Everyone knows how much I love #Tusk so Kieran brought me this little leather Walrus keyring back from Bulgaria honestly so thoughtful I love my little Mr. Tusk 💕🥤 @kieran_pan thank you little egg 😘

Beautiful 💕

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