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LOOKING GOOD WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK Here are some few tips that can make you look good on budget. 1. Invest in quality fabrics:- Instead of a whole closet of low end stuffs, more of which wears out at the first or second use, why not buy quality fabrics that can take you a long while. At the time of purchase, they might be quite expensive, but at the long run they do pay off. 2. Go for the basic needs:- Get the essential things needed for your daily activities. It might be impossible to have all you want but there are some essential needs you sometimes can't do without. If you basically have T-shirts, skirts and some blouses which pairs with other accessories and clothes, you'll always look different anytime you wear them. A classic look actually depends on your style. I prefer to call a wear classic if they don't fade despite many times of washing. 3. Let it fit:- No matter how simple or expensive you choose to dress, if your wears aren't fitting enough,they definitely don't give you that classic look, whether you're on casuals or native attires. No matter how expensive a dress is, if it doesn't fit, it looks cheap and shabby. And don't misquote me here, a fitted cloth doesn't have to be a breathe ceasing dress, or an uncomfortable outfit. It can be very comfortable and still fitting. So, go for that. 4 Have a good stylist:- The impact of a good and up to date stylist cannot be overemphasized in having a classic look. At times when you feel your fabric is not appealing to the eyes, they have a way of bringing out its hidden beauty and help you look your best. 5. Be yourself:- This is the most important of all fashion advice. If you don't feel like yourself in what you're wearing, go back and have a change of outfit. Take note of how you feel, not only how people say you look or should look. Remember, the way you dress is an expression of who you are, don't live each day representing another personality. #noteofadressmaker #lookinggoodonbudget #decentstiches #fashiondesigner #fashionista

#fabricmartphotoaday Day 2: Fabric stash. When it comes to my fabric stash, it's pretty much omnipresent 😂. You can find fabric in pretty much every corner of my house. I have some in my closet, in my workshop, in the master bedroom and even in the kitchen 🙈. Fabric shopping is such a thrill, and probably my only indulgence since i don't like shopping . #fabric #sewing #sewingblogger #sewingproject #sewingroom #sewingaddicts #fabricaddict #memade #sewcialists #fashiondesign #fashiondesigner #patternmaking #patterns #patterndesign #fashionbehindtheseams

Tuesday’s are for barbies 💕💥💃💃💃💃 #beauty #brows #glow #fashionnova #fashionblogger #fashiondesigner Makeup: @adeles_makeover Shotby; 👌🏾💕 Model: @gesa_hienze_ 💕💔💋 Designer: @afrikenbynana 💃💕💥

Insan evrende gövdesi kadar değil, Gönlü kadar yer kaplar. (Yaşar Kemal) Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence (OSHO)Design & Artwork #SerkanDemirezen @netskyde Улица мечты Я был меньше птиц... это было ночью - Любовь взяла меня за руку. Я прошел по улице мечты, это было ночью... В карманах - неваляшки. Когда шел дождь, когда мне не спалось, И когда птица села на мизинец - Я оплакивал одиноко. - Это любовь, это любовь, Это любовь - сказала мама, - не переживай, иди сюда. Сколько лет, сколько зим прошло с враньем на базаре любви - Я продавал мечту обманутым. Это было ночью - я с ума сходил - Другую любил, и другой был любим "Dreams" Street I was smaller than the birds, it was a night-time, the love held my hand. I pass through the "dreams" street, it was a night-time, with the weebles on my pockets. If only rain would pour, if only I'd lose my sleep, if only a bird would perch on my forefinger, then I would cry all alone. It's because of love, because of love, because of love, said my mother, don't worry, don't wory come closer. How many seasons've passed at the "love" bazaar with lies, I sold dreams to the deceived ones. Suddenly my mind slip through my fingers, it was a night-time. there's someone I love, and some other who loves me. #SerkanDemirezen @netskyde #fashionmodel #fashionstyle #fashiongirl #fashionblog #fashionaddict #paris #london #fashionwanita #fashionshow #fashionpost #fashion #fashiondaily #fashiongram #fashionblogger #moscow #fashiondesigner #fashionable #fashionstylist #fashionphotography #fashionweek #fashiondiaries #fashionkids #fashiondesign #fashioninspo #fashionista #fashion #celebrity #luxury #topmodel #msk

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