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Selam 🐥 ⭐️Yaz tatiline gittiğim zaman her saat deniz veya havuza giremiyorum . O yüzden zamanı değerlendirmek için konu anlatım kitaplarımdan birini yanıma aldım . Bu şanslı branşımız da coğrafya oldu . ⭐️Şimdi ki zaman kadar çalıştığım tüm coğrafya konularını ara ara açıp okuyorum. Haftalık programımım son günü yarın 🤦🏼‍♀️. Birçok eksiğim var ama dönünce toparlayacağım . Yarın yeni programı da paylaşacağım . Hepinize iyi hafta sonları 🎉🧚🏻‍♀️❤️ #tyt #ayt #studygram #studyblog #blogger #matematik #bookworm #book #film #filmstagram #loverosie #karanlıkzihinler #likeforfollow #likeforlikes #motivasyon #motivation #coğrafya

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Fitzroy in Film, Kodak Colorplus 200

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CINE-FILE Movie nos. 23 and 24 for 2018 are super duper #latergram. Hence, I'll try not to make a long caption since these two movies had been shown eons ago already. (Good luck! 😉) . . #CitizenJake is very Atom Araullo. I won't go into details but if you're a fan like me, it's easy to see the similarities of Jake and Atom himself. And oh, Maxx's character reminds me of someone who was once a teacher and is now happily married. But, let's not go there. Hahaha! Seriously though, I like the movie even if it is anti-Marcos. If you know me personally, I am actually a pro-Marcos, but this movie opens my mind in a way. Although to be honest, every pro-Marcos I know is very open-minded. It just happens that we also see the other and the better side of President Marcos, which the history books don't tell anymore. But yes, I agree that politics is generally dirty and so are the politicians. So if you don't want to be labelled as such, stray away from politics and serve other people silently instead. I totally agree with Jake when he argued with his politician brother that "mas 'di hamak na bobo ang congressman kaysa sa guro". . . #SidAndAya is not a personal favorite, but I can assure you that it is very, very realistic. Dingdong's portrayal of Sid is very, very effective because he reminds me of someone who's a broker in real life. I'm telling you, siyang-siya talaga yun eh! The qualities, the attitude, the mannerisms, the aura, even the way he thinks, speaks, walks, and dresses...OMG, every single thing talaga. This is not even an exagerration. It wasn't Dingdong at all. Sid is that broker that I personally know. In short, the movie is well-acted. And oh, the concept of black swan? It is something that haunts me every single time. Ouch lang, noh? As for Anne, I'm not really a fan, but my regard for her is as endless as her relevance in the industry. . . #movie #film #moviestagram #filmstagram #moviereview #filmreview #moviebuff #filmbuff #cinephile