Reef Shark cruising the shallows, Bahamas Photographed by| @gillian.shark Please follow me: [email protected]_intheworld

‼️‼️‼️With the Mayor of Ballina no longer supporting shark nets at his beaches, it is vital we make all of our voices heard and get rid of shark nets once and for all from this area‼️‼️‼️ - ✍️ Please sign this petition and let our government know that this horrific cull of our marine life is not acceptable! The more signatures we get, the louder our campaign speaks 🙏 👉 Click the link in our bio to sign now! 👈 . . . . . Please follow me: [email protected]__old

A Sunday on the water is a Sunday well spent. Bahamas Photographed by| @johngarzaphoto Please follow me: [email protected]__shark_

Diver photographing Scalloped Hammerheads Photo via| @ocean.first Please follow me: [email protected]__smile

Patterns of sunlight adorn the dorsal region of Alba the Brave, one of Guadalupe's most recently identified female great white sharks. Please follow me: [email protected]_seabeast

Hammerhead on patrol, Ningaloo Reef Photographed by| @danielthomasbrowne Please follow me: [email protected]__day

My face now that I realize I only have two days to make plans for New Year's Eve. 📷 @perrinjames1 Please follow me: [email protected]__dark_

Great Hammerheads, Bahamas Photographed by| @perrinjames1 Please follow me: [email protected]__Shark

I need something to eat the algae in this tank.. shrimp or Otto ?

It’s kind of cool how the #ecotechmarine diffusers on my 4x #XR15 cast a perfect light line on the wall! That’s some precision light spread!

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