#MomRant of the day 🔥 Today, after picking my boys up from their summer reading program I told them we could go to the mall play area. It's a place we've been going to for years, and with recent upgrades, it's a great way for them to interact with other kids and run off their energy. . So, while they were playing this other Mom comes up to me and asks: "Are those your boys??" "Yes..." "They are playing way too rough to be in here..." "Okay. I'm sorry... I'll talk to them..." I pulled them aside and asked if they had been rough-housing, or accidentally hurt any other kids. They said they hadn't, and I just asked that they be more careful. . The other Mom then continued... "They're too big to be in here! This is for little kids..." "We come here all the time, and there are always big kids in here, a lot of them bigger than mine..." "Well the height limit is 3'6"..." Then her own mother chimes in... "Yeah, it says so on the sign!" Me: "Well, like I said we come here all the time and there are always big kids in here, and it's never been a problem." Her: "Well, while you were on your phone your kids were being way too crazy!" . Me.... #overit... . I went to sit down, and told my kids they were fine. This mother, her mother and her kids left about 5 minutes later, as suddenly the entire area was overrun with children, and rule-breaking Mom's like myself. . Afterward, another Mom who had witnessed the whole confrontation said she had been watching my boys, she said they were really cute, and saw how well all 3 of my kids were playing together. She thought that perhaps the crazy Mom had just been worried about her own young child getting caught in the craziness. But we've all been there, and 1) you take a risk when you come to these places, and 2) it's your job to keep your kids safe, not the job of the rest of us to make it more comfortable for you. . We've all dealt with crazy people. I'm a huge believer in being considerate of others, and raising children to handle themselves accordingly. But I'm shocked at other adults sometimes, and I'm sure that women like this are raising the entitled generation that's rearing its bratty head these days.

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