What a sunny, glorious weekend (complete with a random storm which knocked out our power for awhile?!🤭) - I happened to see the local news this morning at the gym and was excited to see the weather report predicting more sunshine ahead! Not so excited to see all of the chaos and trouble and storms going on in our nation right now, though.😔 - Even that relatively mild storm that blew through our little town seemed to unsettle my heart, if only for a few moments. Storms can seem scary, downright terrifying, but keeping our perspective heavenward is the main thing we can do. Look up! The sun will rise again. Often the most stunning rainbows follow the darkest storms. 🌈☁️ - Here’s to a sunny and warm week full of hope, no matter what news comes our way. - #sundayafternoonmama #lookup #rainbowiscoming

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine 🌤🕶🏝🏖

Great to be home in Pensacola, Florida after a couple weeks on the road! #LookUp this Wednesday, June 20th at 11:00 to catch our one and only home practice this week!