The liberty of the child ought to have as its limits the collective interest of the community in which he moves; its form is expressed in what we call manners and good behavior. it is our duty than to protect the child from doing anything which may offend or hurt others and to check the behavior which is unbecoming or impolite. But as regards all else, every action that has a useful purpose, whatever it may be and in whatever forms it shows itself, ought not only to be permitted, but it ought to be kept under observation, that is the essential point.” Maria Montessori #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

-FREEDOM OF CHOICE Always give them a choice. This is best when dealing with toddlers and you are engaging in a power struggle. Give them only two choices for things that will involve them. They can have dinner now or they can have it later with everybody else, they can wear the blue or the red shorts with the green top. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

-RESPECT YOUR CHILD IN EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIFE Simply place yourself in their shoes, why do such a thing? Why are they crying? It can be as simple as they are they woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, which as adults we also experience. Give them extra hugs. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

Here are some tips for parents on how to holistically raise your child the Montessori way at home. This applies across the board for all areas of development of children. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

-Spend quality time with your child when you’re available Oftentimes, parents start doing unfinished work or house chores when they get home. If you really want your child and family to be happy, you should spend quality time together whenever you’re available. Children often feel unwanted and unimportant when their parents spend more time on other things than spending quality time with them. -Avoid taking work and stress at home Working all day can stress you out. But, rather than taking your work and stress at home, you just have to leave it in your office as your home is a place for your family. Always be happy when you face your child as this can also make him happy. -Plan ahead for vacations, dinners, shopping, etc. You know that you’re a busy parent but, you still need to make time for your child. Planning ahead can help you cope up with your busy schedule while still being a good parent to your child. Vacations are good getaways to free yourself from work and stress, and just enjoy with your family. You can also eat out, shop, and do more activities with your child during weekends. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

Parenting is challenging which needs full-time commitment. This is the reason why busy parents find it so hard to do their responsibilities. Yes, money is important to sustain your family’s needs, but love, attention, care and time are much more important for your child. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

Please. Thank you. You’re welcome. Excuse me. May I join you? Montessori Grace and Courtesy activities are a natural expression of communal life. We teach children how to interact with people in a respectful way. Learning how to politely greet others, interrupt respectfully, open and close a door quietly, sit and stand up properly, and tuck in a chair will inspire children to spontaneously extend hospitality and respect to others. Montessori teachers start the year with grace and courtesy lessons to help children become oriented to the classroom and each other. "Manners" are a welcome side effect; however, the intrinsic value of courteous communication reaches much deeper. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

Montessori supports education as an aid to life. “Help me to help myself” is a foundation to learning in Montessori classrooms. From birth to six years old, our programs aim to support the child’s functional independence: the ability to do things for themselves. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

One of the things that distinguish Montessori from more classical educational approaches is the way children are encouraged to learn by touching, feeling and doing. In traditional learning environments, children sit at desks and listen to a teacher. In contrast, Montessori children are encouraged to move around the classroom and engage with the wide variety of activities available. They choose the activity they would like to work on, bring it to a table or mat, explore the materials and make discoveries for themselves. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

"As a child, Wales was a keen reader with an acute intellectual curiosity and, in what he credits to the influence of the Montessori method on the school’s philosophy of education, 'spent lots of hours pouring over the Britannica's and World Book Encyclopedias,' " says Mr. Wales' own Wikipedia entry. "There were only four other children in Wales’ grade, so the school grouped together the first through fourth-grade students and the fifth through eighth-grade students. As an adult, Wales was sharply critical of the government’s treatment of the school, citing the 'constant interference and bureaucracy and very sort of snobby inspectors from the state' as a formative influence on his political philosophy.“ #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

1-Guide the Child -Follow their lead: What’s your child interested in today? How can we explore this? If they are climbing off the back of the sofa, how can we provide them climbing opportunities? -Set safe limits: Even though they are interested, it’s ok to calmly step in to stop the behavior you don’t like. Eg, your child hits you “I can’t let you hit me. My safety is important. 2) Include your child in daily life -Set up spaces for them to be included; to have success; have conversations, incorporate beauty + nature in everyday life Empowers the child, teaches them skills, and they feel valued. -Hands-on learning: Rather than just telling your child the answer, find ways to let them make discoveries for themselves. 3)Accept your child for who they are -Celebrate with moderation: Kids don’t need you to be their cheerleader telling them they are great. But they love to hear that you noticed their efforts eg, “I’m excited for you”. -In difficult times: -Give empathy for all those big feelings. -Step in before it escalates. -Help them calm down #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

There is a reason the Montessori Method is regarded as one of the best approaches to child development there is, and its influence can be seen in team sports for children. This makes children’s team sports great for helping your child develop practical skills outside of the classroom, and gives them a way to stay healthy and have fun while doing it. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

A sense of discipline Athletic Montessori kids have an ability to concentrate that far surpasses that of their peers.  They can persevere, repeat movements until they master them, and apply their intelligence in physically challenging situations. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

A love of play Montessori kids acquire a love of play, and a sense of creativity. They make up games and drills, for fun and to improve their skills athletically. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

No other thing in life affords children such opportunity to develop positive character traits and to soak up many quality values as sports does. Here are some benefits that may come from playing sports: -Kids’ character and moral principles are formed through fair play. -Playing sports enables them to create friendships they otherwise might not have formed. -They view competitions on and off the field as opportunities to learn from their success and failure. -Sports experiences help building positive self- esteem in children. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

Most parents wish to encourage children to play sports to help them feel valued. Every child can be successful at one sport or another. However, it takes time for parents to find the sport suitable for the child. Therefore, they should be patient in selecting the sports, since it is a process that will pay off in the long run. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon

As a school that is passionate about instilling sport and physical activity in children, one thing we have learnt is that the love of moving needs to be taught and encouraged, exactly the same way we teach and encourage our children to love to read. The second thing we’ve learned is that there isn’t just one way to do this. If you want your child to lead an active and healthy life and aren’t sure how to get them on the right path, then these 3 can’t-fail ways to encourage them are for you. -Build physical activity into your family’s daily routine. -Show your kids how you are physically active in your own life. -Focus on fun. #Montessori #montessorikids #montessoriteacher #montessoriparents #montessorischooling #education #Bayamon