“As we raise June, we want to make sure we instill these three values in her. We want to teach her to be loving, not only to people who look like her mom and dad, but to everyone she comes across.” ~ an excerpt from the #multicultural piece I’ve written for @mindrnyc ❤️. . In every family, there’s a story we can all learn from and I’ve shared how Ben and I make our cultural differences work. Head on over to the link in my bio or bookmark it for today’s #naptimeread 😴. I look forward to hearing all of your stories/thoughts on this below👇🏽👇🏽🙋🏽‍♀️.

I made this post whilst reflecting upon my life and the lives of many of my brothers and sisters out there. How many times have we been singled out? Wrongly Labeled? Badly Judged? Spoken down to? Disrespected? Misinterpreted? Growing up I went to a predominantly all white school, and I was heavily bullied, I have always been a faster learner and hard-working individual, but I knew that I was under marked in high school because of the color of my skin. When I moved town for university the "color boundary" changed radically in my academic evaluation. This to say, black people as a whole, we have to hold our heads up and keep on working harder and harder so we can keep proving our haters and bullies wrong, I am somebody, not just anybody, I am a woman of color and I am proud to be an educated, loyal, trustworthy, kind-spirited black woman. Education and mutual respect are key, so lets spread some and nurture our friends. Blessings x 💖 #black #blacklivesmatter #blackisbeautiful #blackgirls #strength #multiculturalism #truth #art #blackwoman #proud #faith #peopleofcolor #womenofcolor

Cambrian is a proud sponsor of Folklorama’s Ambassadors. Here is a photo of Cambrian staff member Jesse Finlay with the chosen ambassadors at the Ambassadors’ Inaugural last night. @folklorama #Folklorama #Winnipeg #Festivals #Multiculturalism

Everyday Heroines . Placing the spotlight on gender discrimination by celebrating ordinary women who make the impossible possible, everyday. . Masuz Miad A mother whose culture and traditions are passed onto the new generation. . Sujan Sarkar Fatima Bibi lives with her three children in a hut - flooded by the Tista River, West Bengal. She fights poverty with her strong will and indomitable spirit. . Antonio Aragon Renuncio In an environment ruled by gangs and drugs, Ana trains everyday at a humble boxing school aiming for a brighter future in Nicaragua. . Ana Caroline de Lima At Colca valley, I find Gabina - a Cabana indigenous woman who lives with four children in a town named Yanque. Her husband lives in Arequipa, a city that is reached six hours by bus - under good weather conditions. Everyday she send her kids to school before 5am . Ulla Lohmann - 1 Augusta Bomai has been a victim of sorcery. Being accused of having committed socery, she was hung upside down from a tree and burned. Lucky, her rope burned as well and she could escape more dead then alive. She crawled for three weeks through the bush to finally find shelter at a secret place she can't tell. She had to leave her daughter in the village, and thinks that she got killed when the villagers found out that she has escaped. . Ulla Lohmann - 2 Betty Higgins find the strength for the struggles of her daily life in male oriented society in Papua New Guinea through moments where she connects . . . . . . . . #youmanity #youmanityofficial #richness #multiculturalism #charitable #volunteers #donation #fair #generous #welfare #volunteer #equality #diversity #kind #humanitarian #diverse #diversification #balance #love #equallove #goodwill #equalitynow #kindness #equal #socialinclusion #nonprofit

"The essential evil that threatens the vitality of our people is moral, it is demagogy."~Mihai Eminescu . Right-wing #populism is a political ideology that combines populism and anti-élitarism with a positioning on the right of the political chessboard. It mixes a tendency towards laissez-faire and liberalism ("less taxes") with some elements of the New Right, the rejection of #social equality and #egalitarianism, the critique of #multiculturalism and the fight against #immigration . The populist tendency is witnessed by the instrumental use of popular #sentiments, by references to anti-politics (which becomes the main instrument for the involvement of the people and therefore the acquisition of consensus), and by appeals to the common man in contrast with the institutions, with the elites, and with the #establishment. Other characteristics of populist right-wing parties are a charismatic leadership, the #demonization of political opponents, the search for a scapegoat (often identified in the "stranger"), conspiracy, the manipulation of information and productionism. European parties also share widespread euro-skepticism. So that was the scientific politic explanation of what populism means, and now we should keep in mind that exactly words. We are being overwhelmed by populists, they talk about imaginary problems, they don't even know how to solve them and indeed they mislead our citizens. They identify the #devil in the EU, making our greatest and powerful Union. A lot of academics are pretty sure that all these people are involved in Kremlin's operation, due to their feelings of fondness to destabilize our Union. Whether if these opinions are #true or not, populists still remain dangerous for our #federalist project and for the the existing European Union. #use #europe🇪🇺 #unitedstatesofeurope #strongertogether #againstracism #againstpopulism #againstnationalism #againstisolation

Uzupis, Vilnius, Lithuania. Declared itself its own republic and displays its ‘constitution’ in 33 languages on mirrors along the street #multiculturalism #urbanchange

/MULTICULTURALIDAD/🌎 Et si on vivait dans un monde où la tolérance et le mélange des cultures faisaient notre force? Nous avons basé l'ADN de la marque sur cette idée "la multiculturalité créé des richesses" 🙌❣️ Incarné par notre WORLDWIDE ! . Photograph @gledonne__ Model @mariepicot_ #photographer #worldwilde #multiculturality #multiculturalism #lyon #onlylon #lyonmaville #leonororversi #photography

# #multiculturalism...🗺🌐 . .🌷♥️🌷♥️🌷

Full house at the City of Kingston last night. So many #newcitizens officially making Australia their home. Welcome! #newcitizens #diversity #multiculturalism #multicultural #welcome #citizenshipceremony #kingston

Multilingualism in schools: a great event organized by Rutu Foundation in Amsterdam #multilingualism #bilingualeducation #multiculturalism

Unreasonably overjoyed to be living near an Eastern European supermarket again, because now I can buy my actual favourite soft drinks ever for the ridiculous price of 49p each 😍😍 also they sell excellent pierogi at the fresh counter, which I'm trying to restrain myself from. I think I'm the only person who shops there that doesn't speak Polish, so the manager is very friendly but a bit confused 😂 I do miss living next door to the Asian cash and carry we used to have (rip my white rabbit candy obsession), but I'll take this as a valid alternative. #tymbark #leedsbloggers #food #drink #european #shopping #thesearethethingsigetexcitedabout #yesreally #thatappleandkiwithough #multiculturalism #diversityandinclusion