🇩🇪👇🏻let’s go.i know, it’s hard.But I feel happy, accomplished and selfcommited.🇩🇪 Ich weiß, es ist hart. Aber ich fühle mich glücklich, erfüllt und selbst verpflichtet.💪

Every time we shop, we have an opportunity to make the world a better place. How wonderful is that? Shopping with local businesses, spending on ethically and responsibly manufactured products, choosing eco-friendly options and supporting cruelty-free items makes a difference in the world. And that's kind of a big deal, don't you think? ♡ ____________________ {Product photography shoot with @ladyburgundy -- made in Canada, cruelty-free lipsticks that are vibrant, luxe and beautiful!}

Perfect evening to travel absolutely no traffic. Making good time #roadtrip #pnw #oregon #selfemployed #momonthego #impala #chevy

Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there.

Two Masterpieces in one shot! How many masterpieces do you see? Answers below👇 ————————————————— . All rights/credit to owner/photographer📷 via @opoline


The summer sunsets seem to last for hours in Seattle, and I'm absolutely loving it. As an extreme extrovert, my very favorite thing about this time of year is how social everyone becomes. There's something about having light in the sky so late into the evening that draws people together to enjoy it. Happy summer solstice! ☺️

I’m beyond blessed. I should be asleep. Pain says no. This was earlier today with @david.fpierce as he was working at home and always telling me how much he loves me. No joke. ♥️. . We go 90 to nada. I’m exhausted and he is too. But we make our way. I’m beyond blessed and grateful. . #blessed #grateful #love #thankful #loved #alwaysworking #selfemployed #myhusbandisthebest #helovesme #ineedsleep @david.fpierce rocks