The muse for this gorgeous collection is for the tomorrow-woman who has a deep connection to her culture and heritage. She’s the kind of girl who loves to walk down the cobblestone roads of the old Galle fort with her spirit always tuned in to the future. She loves her home and its story, but her time is tomorrow and she knows it. The ‘new Ceylonese girl’ is the definitive mood we’re feeling, and this is the classic-with-a-twist collection you've been wanting forever! #MENDÉS #MendesCeylon #ceylonesestyle #artisan #design #fmlk #white #serene #statementpiece

Pink love 💝|| Size: 8 || Price: $30 || makeup: @hababeautybar || model: @_christines || #recyledfashion #ecostyle #statementpiece #weddingreceptiondress #statementpiece #ecofriendly

The "Pyramid Bracelet"😍. Plated in luxurious 18ct solid gold and available in colour- Caribbean Peach. Be the centre of attention with our show stopping, fashion forward and chić bracelet. Add @houseofvintro to your personal style and look fabulous! Available to purchase soon!...

There are cities you fall in love with instantly and then there are 'slow burners' - and that for me happens to be Paris. It's taken me a few times over the years to actually finally fall in love with it. Pretty excited to be in Paris again in a weeks' time ☺️ 💫 #paris #longweekend #clareittededie #faveoftheweekend #riverseine #memoryfromparis

#ootd Palazzo £18.99 Candy Soft Tassel Hijab £5.49 Suhaira Necklace £5.00 Mira Tassel Earrings £2.99