Day two complete. Woke up early to take @faithandfitwithwhit bootcamp. I got up a few minutes earlier to enjoy a cup of #bulletproof chai. It was worth it. My food was delicious and I was able to stay on track even with people insisting me to eat fried chicken and chocolate 😎🙄😶😏 . . . . #whole30 #eatrealfood #healthyeating #healthyliving #chai #tonef1tness #bootcamp #nsv

We’re made in ALL shapes + sizes. Our paths to get here are different, but our GOALS are the same. We sweat beside one another EVERYDAY. Our size, weight, + ability do NOT dictate our confidence or self-worth. We seek to gain STRENGTH outside + in. We are STRONGER TOGETHER! . . . #tonef1tness #wearetonef1tness #tone1smyjam #womenempowerment #womenempowermentwednesday #wew #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #progressridge #community #femaleowned #femaleentrepreneur #womenwholead #girlboss

Meet Your Motivator WHITNEY R! Next month will be her 1 year Anniversary 👏 instructing @tonef1tness , but she was a client long before that. Whitney grew up an athlete. She even studied exercise science + became a certified personal trainer, but didn't actually start teaching group fitness until years after her kids were born. She wanted to build her strength back after carrying two babies. 👧👧 Whitney fell in love with group fitness as a way to stay accountable + enjoy working out. She developed knee issues + that led her to fall in love with Barre for the deep muscle burn, with low impact. After starting to instruct Barre, she continued to grow her passion for fitness + now teaches just about everything. 🙂💪 You can expect to hear Whitney say, "Challenge yourself, but listen to your body," in each class. She believes in working hard, but also working out effectively. “It’s not about pushing past the pain, but instead finding moves to more effectively strengthen your body.” Preach 🙌 Right now, she is all about including remixed versions of popular songs 🎧🎶 that we all know + ♥️. The harder beat drops keep you singing along + motivated. @faithandfitwithwhit is known in her Barre classes for really working the glutes. “It's one of the most commonly underworked muscles, because of how much our culture sits.” So whenever given the chance, she likes to find a good booty burn. 🔥 You can find Whitney in Studio 1 for TR1TONAL on Wednesday’s at 9:45a + R1DE on Thursday’s at 6p, in Studio 2 for TONE BARRE on Tuesday’s at 5:45p, Wednesday’s at 8:45a, + Saturday’s at 10a. Stay tuned for her pop-up B1KE + BARRE classes! . . . #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #meetyourmotivator #meetyourmotivatormonday #motivationmonday #motivationalmonday #gettoned #barre #tonebarre #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #progressridge #community #womenwholead

A little less than a year ago this pure, kind, talented, + genuine woman came into TONE to take over as manager. Jess, you have helped take us to a new level + have taken on so much with ease. The team you have in place is so strong 💪🏽 + they can handle anything thrown their way. I had no idea how lucky we were to have our paths cross♥️ . . . . #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #toneitup #fitfam #womenempowerment

How do we define ourselves? We are strong, we are capable, we are important, we are enough. WE are in control of our life! Individually we are strong, together we are invincible. . . . #womenempowermentwednesday #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #portlandwomensexpo #womenempowerment #womenentrepreneurs #womenwholead #femaleowned #girlboss #community #kgwnews #progressridge #womenshealthmagazine

Meet Your Motivator NICOLE! She will celebrate 1 year @tonef1tness on August 23rd! Nicole enjoyed fitness from a very young age, always riding horses 🐎, playing sports, and up for anything outdoors 🌲. Nicole started taking fitness classes + learning her way around a weight room 🏋️‍♀️ in her early 20’s. From that moment on she was hooked! She has been part of the fitness industry for a little over 10 years. Nicole is a certified Master Trainer with an emphasis on Strength & Conditioning. She also holds certifications with EXOS, TRX, Cycle, Military Tactical Training, Yoga Alliance, and ISSA. To top it off, before joining the Tone family she taught + trained for the US Navy in Guam. Wow, right?! Those of you that know Nicole, are aware of her arms of steal 💪 + heart of gold 💛. You may also be familiar with a few of her catch phrases, such as “You do you Boo” 🤣 + “Let’s go to work!” She may also slip in a few shoots of “Modify.. modify.. modify!” 🗣 A few favorites on Nicole’s playlist are One 💋 by @calvinharris , Ginger by @ritontime , I Like It by @iamcardib + What We Started by @iamsammyporter 🔊 In Nicole’s class you will definitely be doing...Tabatas!...“all day son” 🤣🤣🤣❤️ You can sweat hard + laugh harder weekly with @lularoenicolepotashnick Monday SCULPT + TONE at 6p Tuesday SCULPT + TONE at 4:30p Tuesday BOOTCAMP at 7:15p Saturday SCULPT + TONE at 8:45a ✨ . . . #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #motivationalmonday #meetyourmotivator #meetyourmotivatormonday #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #gettoned #progressridge #community #strongwomen #femaleowned #girlboss

AUGUST G1VEAWAY CONTEST! It’s that time again! For a chance to win, check out the steps below 👇 One lucky winner will save 15% off on one month of his/her Monthly TONEPASS or on a purchase of a TONEPACK! 🎊Congrats again to our July winners @mbaliton + @trianajo !! . . . 1️⃣ Follow @tonef1tness + ♥️ this post! 2️⃣ Tag a friend that’s never been to TONE! 3️⃣ Tell us which class you can’t miss each week! . . . #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #giveawaycontest #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #gettoned #progressridge #community #femaleowned

Sounds about right! Heading into my barre class and I had a rice crispy treat on the way there! Go me! Bahaha #barre #barreclass #workout #sweaty #ricecripytreats #noshamehere #itscalledbalance #tone1fitness #tonef1tness

Meet Your Motivator SEAN! He has been part of the TONE F1TNESS family for about a year and a half. Sean came to wellness to share his passion for self-care with people. 🧘‍♂️ He believes yoga is a great way to balance the mind and the body and he wanted others to discover that as well. In Sean’s classes he will always be cueing your breath and guiding you to discover powerful + connective ways to stretch, breathe, and explore through movement. Sean rotates his playlists frequently, but some mainstays on most of them include artists such as @purityring , MMOTHS, Slow Magic, @tychomusic + some Washed Out. 🎶 Sean’s favorite pose is Savasana and you will definitely be doing that in his class everytime! 😉 🙏 Join @yoga_cassidy for V1N + Y1N YOGA on Thursday’s at 7p and TONE YOGA FLOW on Friday’s at 5:30p! . . . #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #meetyourmotivator #meetyourmotivatormonday #motivationalmonday #motivationmonday #gettoned #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #pdxyoga #pdxyogateacher #community #progressridge

#postworkout breakfast . 1/2 chicken sausage, sweet potato, 2 eggs, and broccoli . Thank you @jo_jo_sampson for those grave diggers!!💪👊💦💦 . . . . #Saturday #saturdaymorning #breakfast #brunch #tonef1tness #fitness

Did you know that TONEF1TNESS is owned + run by all women? That’s right!! Our owner Jodie @jo_jo_sampson conceptualized the multi-class variety studio. This dedicated entrepreneur and instructor takes a hands on approach and has surrounded herself by other like-minded, strong women. Jodie, along with our Studio Manager Jess @jessielynn28 strive to ensure you have the best possible experience while at Tone while getting a top notch workout! Our amazing staff is also lead by Assistant Manager Jamie, along with TONE Leads Ashley, Alby, and Jordin. We inspire friendships + community, all while helping you achieve your goals in health + wellness. While we aren’t a female only facility, we fully embrace the concept of women empowerment. We lift one another up and love to see each and every person who comes through our doors succeed! We also appreciate the men that support us. The male instructors that push us in class and those that are right there sweating it out to reach their goals. . . . #womenempowermentwednesday #womenempowerment #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #strongwomen #femaleowned #womenentrepreneurs #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #progressridge #community #theoregonian #kgwnews #katu #womenwholead #womensupportingwomen #girlboss

Meet Your Motivator STEFANIE! She has been involved in athletics her entire life. Stefanie was a collegiate volleyball 🏐 player, but after having children 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 she struggled with making her own health + wellness a priority. Her family moved to Oregon 4 years ago + she met Jodie. They started working out, running, and finally Stefanie got her fitness back! 💪 After years of friendship, @jo_jo_sampson encouraged Stefanie to pursue instructing and Bam 💥 here she is! “I am so grateful to be a part of the @tonef1tness family since it's opening as a client + as an instructor for a year now.” So are we Stef!!! “I want that FIRE!” 🔥That is what you will hear her yelling during sprints + climbs throughout class. Stefanie loves mixing up music 🎶 + adding an unexpected remix or classic rock 🤘song. You can always count on a HEAVY 😓 climb in her classes. She incorporates core especially during a climb to challenge your body. You can catch @stef_lawhead Sunday’s @ 8a R1DE + 9:30a TR1TONAL, Monday’s @ 5:30p TR1TONAL, Tuesday’s @ 9:45a R1DE + Thursday’s @ 5:45a R1DE! . . . #motivationalmonday #meetyourmotivator #meetyourmotivatormonday #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #gettoned #strongwomen #progressridge #community

Do you have a favorite motivational quote? Share it in the comments below for a chance to have it featured in studio this week! Any existing TONE member that shares some motivation, can bring a friend to class tonight on us! Tag your friend + email [email protected] for class availability. . . . #motivationalmonday #motivationalquotes #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #gettoned #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #progressridge #community

So excited about t getting in the mix this Saturday for the @workitouttour July 21st the Work It Out Tour brings you the next installment. Special guest Miss Shell w/Trap Yoga | Trainer Tyra of My People’s Cardio | Fitness Duo Anthony & Jasmine of Body Mechanics 2.0 | and of course the amazing Janita “JJ” Jones @runjanitarun .... @djogone will be supplying the soundtrack all day, so come ready for fun & Fitness. Sign up today (Link in the @workitouttour bio) ___________________________________ #fiah #djogone #workitouttour #getfitwithjj #tonef1tness #fitnessmotivation

#Repost @workitouttour ・・・ Oh Yeah!! The Fitness Party continues.. July 21st the @workitouttour brings you the next installment. Special guest Miss Shell w/Trap Yoga | Trainer Tyra of My People’s Cardio | Fitness Duo Anthony & Jasmine of Body Mechanics 2.0 | and of course the amazing Janita “JJ” Jones @runjanitarun .... @djogone will be supplying the soundtrack all day, so come ready for fun & Fitness. Sign up today (Link in bio) ___________________________________ #fiah #djogone #workitouttour #getfitwithjj #tonef1tness #fitnessmotivation

Meet Your Motivator YVETTE! She has been here at @tonef1tness for just a few months and has quickly made an impact on the community. Having taken dance for most of her younger life, it was hard to find an exercise that her body really responded to. Then BARRE came along...immediately, she felt great! Yvette loved the combination of cardio with movement + strengthening. After 5 years, she decided it was time to get certified. 💞 Yvette loves helping clients reach higher + grow stronger! 💫💪 There’s one thing you’ll get used to hearing in Yvette’s class (LOLing allowed), “Don’t let your tushy stick out! Tuck your tushies under!” 😄 When it comes to jams, she’ll always have some @justintimberlake on the playlist, the occasional throwback to the 80s + 90s and she’s loving Mi Gente by @jbalvin right now for a great summer vibe! ☀️😎🎶 In Yvette’s class you will definitely do a fold over + up an inch/down an inch. Not sure what that is? Find out at TONE BARRE Thursday’s @ 5:45p + Friday’s @ 8:45a with @fit_hkitty . . . Looking to learn the fundamentals of Barre, so you can be more confident taking class? Come to Yvette’s BARRE BAS1CS Class this Saturday 7/21 @ 11:30a for a complimentary lesson! . . . #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #gettoned #progressridge #community #strongwomen #femaleowned

Update your summer workout look with new @nike gear! TONE F1TNESS members on an active TONEPASS or TONEPACK are invited to shop at the Nike Company Store. Access to this event is one of the many incentives offered to our members @tonef1tness RSVP by July 14th to [email protected] or signup in the lobby to enjoy your one time entry July 16th - August 12th. Not a member? Ask about our many pricing options in studio and take your first class on us! . . . #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #nike #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #gettoned #community #progressridge

Meet Your Motivator LAURA! This lady is full of light 🤩💫 and has been instructing @tonef1tness for 6 months. Laura grew up in an active family where hiking, biking, playing ⚽️, running 🏃‍♀️, swimming 🏊‍♀️ (let’s be honest, she’s done it all) and eating well, were all priorities. You could say Laura was born with a passion for wellness. She believes our bodies are such a gift and should be treated as such. Laura will work you hard, all the while smiling and encouraging you with some of her go to quotes...”Find your happy place! It’s going to sizzle! 🔥 Make this workout, work for you today!” Love a good beat?! So does she! 🎶 Laura loves anything that throws energy into the room. Right now she’s into @imaginedragons , FloRida, @example , Miami Horror and of course the occasional throwback! Laura’s favorite moves are squats + lunges in all their variations. You’ll get a great balance in her classes, including the cardio burst ❣️ gotta love it! There’s a chance for everyone to take Laura Morgan’s @lm175 classes, Monday SCULPT + TONE @ 8:45a, TONE BARRE @ 4:45p and Saturday SCULPT + TONE @ 7:30a 🌟 . . . #tonef1tness #tone1smyjam #meetyourmotivator #meetyourmotivatormonday #motivationmonday #pdxfit #pdxfitmom #gettoned #progressridge #community #strongwomen #femaleowned

#Repost @workitouttour ・・・ The Fitness Party continues.. July 21st the @workitouttour brings you the next installment. Special guest Miss Shell w/Trap Yoga | Trainer Tyra of My People’s Cardio | Fitness Duo Anthony & Jasmine of Body Mechanics 2.0 | and of course the amazing Janita “JJ” Jones @runjanitarun .... @djogone will be supplying the soundtrack all day, so come ready for fun & Fitness. Sign up today (Link in the @workitouttour bio) ______________________ #fiah #djogone #workitouttour #getfitwithjj #tonef1tness #fitnessmotivation